Sunshine Botanicals Holistic Skin Care Anna OH

Holistic Skin Care Anna OH

Sunshine Botanicals Holistic Skin Care Anna OH

My hyper awareness of skin, and all of its nuances, was derived from my painful and challenging skin conditions as a young girl, and my family‘s history of skin cancer and other challenging skin conditions.

Fascinated by how everyone’s skin was so different, I’d notice subtle things like the texture and color of everyone’s skin. Why did some people who were old look young, and those younger look older? This led me down a road of adventure, discovery, and passionate learning.

Back when I was fourteen years old, skin issues I had at were only addressed with drugs at that time. A revolving door of trial and error with all kinds of topical products that led nowhere. I knew there had to be an underlying root cause of all the issues, yet no one could answer my question — “what is causing this?” It was symptom suppression only.

All I knew to do, at the age of fourteen, was to start reading every cosmetic label of products I tried to understand if they were contributing factors to my condition. Little did I know this would lead me down a serious study of cosmetic chemistry and skin analysis in years to come.

Fast forward many years, eventually I would learn that there were internal causal factors involved in my situation. I dove into nutrition and body systems. I came to understand the internal root cause of my issues, applied what I had learned, and my skin and life changed forever.

After I married a gifted herbalist, my view of aesthetics and corrective skin care took a major turn. When I discovered the scientific validation of herbal medicine, and understood its use and application (in skin care), the collaboration between the aesthetician and herbalist began.

The result of my painful experience led me to intensely study the field of cosmetic chemistry, nutrition, herbology and natural medicine which resulted in solving my chronic skin disorders. This led to the development of my natural skincare product line Sunshine Botanicals. Sunshine Botanicals received the “Beauty with a Conscience” award from Natural Solutions Magazine for excellence in product formulation, also published in Cosmetic Surgery Times and Dermatology Times.


Sunshine Botanical's Holisitc Skin Care Line


"I am really enjoying your skin cleansing products! They are so wonderfully refreshing and my skin has never felt so clean! I have had such success with these products. please understand, I don’t have problem skin or any real tough issues, but your products have enabled me to not wear make up and have pretty, fresh looking skin and helps me feel good about myself. I would highly recommend them since they don’t have the harsh preservative components. I feel that they are very beneficial and safe to use so that will not pull down the whole body health. I believe we really need to take a hard look at all of the chemicals we put on our skins daily and understand how the toxic effects many chemicals and synthetic preservatives pull down our immune systems. I believe that starting with healthy facial cleansing products is a start to BETTER HEALTH!!"

Actual Client Product Review by Myrna Schmidt, Inman, Kansasr

"I just have to tell you what an incredible difference your products have made for my oily, problem skin. When I say oily, I mean extremely oily. I have tried SO many products… all with disappointing results. I have tried ProActive, Clinique, Arbonne (that’s big around where I live) and several other lines offered through TV infomercials, all promising miracles. Not one made an impact on my oiliness. Just to give you and idea of how oily I was, in less that 30 minutes after using these “miracle” products, my face would need to be blotted to stop the shine. This continued throughout the day. I first heard about your products from an aesthetician a local spa. She told me that if I only did 1 thing for my skin, it had to be your Cleanse and Clarify Exfoliating Wash! Her enthusiasm was so sincere, I had to try it. The results I experienced were so impressive, I decided to try some of your other products. I found your Acne Protocol on your website and ordered it that day. The change in my skin has been dramatic and I am so thrilled to have finally found something that really works! The fact that you do this without harsh chemicals is amazing. Also, I want to tell you how impressed I am with you, personally. It is so obvious that you love what you do, and that you know what you are doing. You genuinely care about the people you serve and are so different from other companies who just want to sell a ton of products just to make money. I appreciate your genuine caring about my needs and I will continue to tell others about your company. Thank you for producing such great products. Keep up the great work!"

Actual Client Product Review by Dena Baysden

"Emily, thank you SO MUCH for your skin care recommendations. I met you at the Emmy’s Awards Suites in Beverly Hills last month and I have used your basic regimen and the Enlight-10 for only 3 days before my husband made a comment that my skin looked much better. A couple days after that, one of my best friends commented that my dark spotted scars on my cheek (from a terrible dermatologist) were gone! Now when I look in the mirror, I can see that the texture of my skin is plumping, fine lines disappearing and all my blemishes have cleared. For years I’ve been stripping my skin with all the heavy-hitter products, but after your system it feels soft and supple, not tight and it doesn’t OVER produce oil afterwards. Plus your personalized service and willingness to answer all my questions have me hooked! Thank you SO MUCH! I’m telling everyone I know about your products!"

Actual Client Product Review by Renee Geerlings, Valencia, CA

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Sunshine Botanicals Holistic Skin Care Anna OH

Sunshine Botanicals Holistic Skin Care Anna OH
Sunshine Botanicals Holistic Skin Care for clients in Anna OH by Emily Fritchey, received the “Beauty with a Conscience” award from Natural Solutions Magazine for excellence in product formulation, also published in Cosmetic Surgery Times and Dermatology Times.. Cosmeti...

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